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Our future will be shaped by two dominant forces: new technology and global debt expansion and monetization. Each force will cause massive dislocations as well as incredible opportunities. We pay attention to both.

• Genomics, Synthetic Biology, and Regenerative Medicine

• Cancer Therapeutics and Diagnostics

• AI, Supercomputing, Robotics, and Autonomous Vehicles

• Nanotech, 3D Printing, and Solar Energy

• Ubiquitous Internet and Virtual Reality

• Cryptocurrencies and FinTech


And what we’re doing about it.

We live in exponential times. By now you have heard about the accelerating pace of technological change, sometimes referred to as the approaching “singularity.” If not, see this short video.


We believe the societal consequences of accelerating change will be broadly positive. New technologies in healthcare, transportation, clean energy, communications, and manufacturing, will mean higher standards of living and greater abundance. We see this every year in the plummeting cost of genomic sequencing, from $5M/genome in 2007 to only $1K today.


However, we are also witnessing the negative side of exponential advancement in the form of technological unemployment, once referred to as the Luddite fallacy. While we strongly prefer economic self-determinism, the traditional idea that hard work leads to higher economic status and standard of living, we believe that advanced technology is destroying the bridge from the working class to the wealthy asset-owning class. This is why it’s important to invest in the sectors of the economy that benefit from the trend before that bridge collapses.



The Knee of the Exponential Curve.